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Zanambani’s family sign the Police Investigation Report at 2am


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Jayapura, Jubi – Pastor Yeremia Zanambani’s family has sign the Police Investigation Report from Intan Jaya police department on Monday [12/10/2020] at 2 o’clock in the morning.

We have signed it last night. At 2am they signed it and returned back around 3am.” Said Bernard Kobogau, Pastor Yeremia Zanambani family’s relative that contacted by Jubi, Jayapura, Papua on Monday morning [12/10/2020]..

Bernard explained the sign of Police Investigation Report that facilitated by the government from Intan Jaya, Papua, was carried out between the victim’s family and an integrated fact-finding team chaired by the Minister of Politics, Law and Human Rights did the sign of Police Investigation Report, Mahfud MD.

Prior to this, pastor’s family declined to sign the Police Investigation Report on September due to the changes of the Police Investigation Report. The family said that they would fulfill the requests from the police if they have received the legal assistance.

Nevertheless, said Bernard, four witnesses including the pastor’s wife agreed to sign the Police Investigation Report because they were promised that the incident would be directly reported to Indonesian President, Joko Widodo and processed the Indonesian Army member which is presumed as the suspect of shooting and stabbing on September 19th, 2020.


“What we worry about, [when making an Police Investigation Report] at the fist time, there is [member] from the police that changed the article [in the report], so we didn’t believe and didn’t want to sign it. However, we didn’t questioned the one we sign yesterday, [we heard] purely from Papuan people therefore we ask for them to sign it.” said Bernard.

Meanwhile, Rode Zanambani, the pastor’s forth daughter, said a different thing to encouraged her family to sign the Police Investigation Report based on the information from the integrated team. She was hoping the report that to be directly reported to Joko Widodo, would fulfill her family’s requests.

“They [fact-finding team] said the team was formed by the President. Therefore, if the Police Investigation Report isn’t signed, they will reprimand by the President. Thus [we] have to sign so they can reported this to the President “said Rode.

The requests from the victim’s family is to revealed the suspects of Pastor Yeremia Zanambani’s murdered based on the information of the witnesses, which been mentioned in the Police Investigation Report.

“The name [suspects] of the perpetrator has been clearly identified. We ask for the legal process against those Indonesian Army’s member. “ she said.

Rode explained, the victim’s family has listened to the whole sentence that read out in the Police Investigation Report before sign each pages of the report.

“The Police Investigation Report made by the police has to be printed and given to the family. There are some mistakes in the report and we have to fix that. The family asks for the report to be printed in three copies and they should have one of them” she said. [*]

Editor: Dewi Wulandari

Translated by: Nuevaterra


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