Julius Miagoni (Jubi)

Yulius Miagoni : Law on Government of Papua is the People’s Authority, not Governor’s

Julius Miagoni (Jubi)

Julius Miagoni (Jubi)

Jayapura, 18/1 (Jubi) – Draft Bill on the Special Autonomy Government of Papua once again harvested a critic. The Secretary of Commission A of People’s Representative Council of Papua, Yulius Miagoni stated that the Governor of Papua mislead in the political policy about this issue.

“I criticize from the political policy’s side that the governor was slightly wrong about this bill. I think this is a problem between the people of Papua and the Central Government. The Law on the Special Autonomy was existed because of the Papuan indigenous people asked for referendum,”   said Miagoni to Jubi (18/11).
According to him, at that time the Papua indigenous people asked for the independence. Then the former governor is responded its demand by facilitating the Team 100 to depart to Jakarta. The result was a political bargaining offered to the Papuan, that was the Law on the Special Autonomy. The Article 79 of the Law on Special Autonomy regulate about the amendment of Law on Special Autonomy that if it need to be changed or there is another policy towards the law, it should be renewed by the evaluation that involving the people of Papua through the Papuan People Assembly and the People’s Representative Council of Papua. Then the result of this evaluation is submitted to the central government.
“But this mechanism is not executed. If it wants to be change thus it must be evaluated first. In July 2013, there was a discussion between the customary representatives and the People’s Assembly. It was concluded that the special autonomy was fail therefore it was recommended to have a dialogue as a result. Now there raise a bill, from what recommendation it comes?” he said.
For that reason, he added, it should be open the evaluation room for the government and the people of Papua. “The Governor must listen to the people’s aspiration, do not ignore it. The Governor only can facilitate the people’s demand. But now it seems that the Governor want to take over the full agenda,” he said.
The Law on the Special Autonomy in Papua is also a concern of six fractions in the People’s Representative Council of Papua in the plenary session of RAPBD (Budgetary Draft) 2014 and the Agreement of Bill on the Special Regulation Papua as well as the Draft of Special Regional Regulation Non Budgetary and debriefing of franctions, Friday night (17/1).
Fraction PDP Perjuangan thought that it was not the authorities of the Provincial Government of Papua and the People’s Representative Council of Papua who established a bill into a law, but the Central Government and the People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia. The provincial government and parliament only can contribute on making suggestions or opinions about the appropriate content for the people of Papua in the future within the corridor of NKRI.

“Draft twelve bills on the Special Autonomy Government in Papua is the authority of the central government and the People’s representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia for the welfare of the people of Papua in the corridor of NKRI,” said Rosiayati, a member of Fraction PDIP. (Jubi/Arjuna/P. Maizier)

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