a photograph of Yuliana Wouw - Whens Tebay for Jubi.

Yuliana Wouw, a confident model with a diffability


A photograph of Yuliana Wouw – Whens Tebay for Jubi.

Jayapura, Jubi – A girl named Yuliana Wouw has suddenly become a viral conversation among the netizen after her photographs posted in the social media by Whens Tebay from Papuan Photo Community.

A total of 6,825 people commented on the photographs and gave their appreciation on her courage to pose in front of the camera.

Tebay who photographed and posted Wouw’s photographs also conveyed his admiration to his model. According to him, Wouw does not ashamed at all to her condition of being diffable, by contrast, is very confident to pose like a professional one.

“I think she is a self-confident person who’s able to accept her flaws. When we were taking the photograph sessions, she just posed like anyone else. Then through her, she reminds and motivates us to always thank God for what He gave to us,” he told Jubi on Wednesday (21/11/2018).


Tebay’s work then received a positive response through the Facebook Group of Papuan Photo account. Their posting uploaded on 15 November at 11:20 pm got ‘likes’ from 3,100 people and shared by 1,319 people.

Having become a conversation on the Internet, Yuliana Wouw said that she is happy that many people appreciated her efforts to become a model. Even though she is difabble but it does not reduce her enthusiasm to work. Further, she said her condition is a God’s gift to her.

“I am always grateful for what God gave me. I continually think like that. I always count on Him in every occasion and let all my steps of life governed by God. So I always try to do whatever I can or whatever I think that I am able to. I’ll do it happily,” she told Jubi by phone on (11/21/2018).

Furthermore, she admitted that she has the same feeling as other teenagers who aspire to continue their studies at the University of Cenderawasih in 2019. She hopes that she can realise her dream of continuing her higher education at the Public Administration Department.

“I plan to continue my study at the Public Administration Department of the University Cenderawasih in 2019. I hope that the university can accept me,” she said. (*)


Reporter: Piter Lokon

Editor: Pipit Maizier


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