Youth Reject Plans to Build Mobile Brigade Headquarters in Jayawijaya


Wamena, Jubi – Young Papuans said local people reject plans to build mobile brigade police headquarters in Jayawijaya.

An investigation by Youth Solidarity, found that the reason behind of this planning is because of frequent tribal wars in Wouma and Walesi districts, solidarity chief Alius Asso said.

However, when his team went down for detail data it found that it is political elite setting instead of tribal warfare.
“Actually, this is a political setting by political elites and not because of tribal war, “Alius Asso told reporters in Wamena on Tuesday (03/03/2015).

“So I think it’s wrong because the task of brigade mobile police is not to secure the drunk people, but it is police’ task, except the situation could not be controlled,” he said.

He then hoped the government to not impose the will. “Demonstrations to refuse it was also addressed DPRP, MRP and the governor,” he said.


On the other hand Beni Hisage, member of Youth and Students Solidarity deplored Jayawijaya regent’s statement mentioning the customary land did not belong to many people but only one person.

“Perhaps he was confused. It is impossible the land belongs to one person. There are many families who have a right there,”he added. He asked the regent to approach the owner of customary rights.

” Generally, people reject it, so that it is necessary to open a dialogue between the public, government or parliament,” he said. (Islami/ Tina)

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