Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru - Special Source

Yerisiam and Waoha Tribes Reject Land Concession to PT. Nabire Baru

Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru - Special Source

Land will be used by PT Nabire Baru – Special Source

Jayapura, Jubi – Yerisiam and Waoha tribes expressed opposition to the issuance of the Land Rights certificate for business to PT. Nabire Baru, a company accused of destroying tribal forests.

“This land certificate will be issued by the National Land Agency (BPN) of Papua Province and we reject it, ” secretary of Yerisiam tribe, Robertino Hanebora, told Jubi in Nabire ( 23/02/2015).

According to Hanebora, PT. Nabire Baru did not deserve to get a concession because there has been a conflict between the owners of property rights and the company.
“The government should not only provide the concession but it must also look at the issue. Unfortunately the government never understands. The government doues not realize that they indirectly kill us, ” Robertino said.

The fundamental reason why the people rejected it because the company has not addressed on tribal protection as the main thing in a Memorandum of Understand.
“But until now it has not been discussed. We does not understand what the purpose of this investment is (palm oil company). If the tribal basic rights have not been talking, it means that the government contributed to the error and want to kill us, “he said.


Meanwhile, Emmanuel Money, Waoha chief in Nabire expressed the same thing. “We, tribal people of Yerisiam and Waoha firmly reject this plan by National Land Agency to several palm oil companies in the land of Papua, one of which is PT. Nabire Baru, “he said. (Arnold Belau/ Tina)

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