Yendidori to Hold Village Chief Election on Monday


Biak, Jubi – A total of 5 out of 7 villages throughout the Yendidori district in Biak are holding village chief elections on Monday.

The head of Yendidori district, Daniel Aibekop said candidates had delivered their visions and missions.

Lazarus Bertus Meokbun and Sepnat Fredik Korwa, candidates of Ipendi village presented their plans for Ipendi village on Wednesday, January 7.

“Meanwhile, in Padwa and Samber villages, the campaig would take place on Thursday, January 9 and in Berubi and Yendidori villages would be on Friday, January 9 2015. Then, the period of quiet would be on Saturday, January 10 and on Sunday, January 11, 2015,” Aibekop said.

He further said that this program is according to the rules and an obligation of every citizen that has been nominated as a candidate to let people know about their development programs.

Ipendi Yendidori village chief Lazarus Bertus Meokbun, who also is a candidate, thanked district chief Daniel Aibekop for facilitating the successful delivery of the vision and mission. (Marten Boseren/Tina)

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