Marinus Yaung - Jubi

Yaung: Military and Police Back up Liquor Distribution in Papua

Marinus Yaung - Jubi

Marinus Yaung – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The biggest challenge to the Regional Regulation on Liquor Restriction is its implementation,  an observer at the Cenderawasih University, Marinus Yaung, said.

“It’s good on paper. The points are clear, but how to implement it is the challenge,” he told Jubi in Jayapura on Thursday (07/04).

Yaung said the biggest protectors of liquors distribution in Papua are from the Military and Police. As long as the Military and Police are not involved in the signing of the Pact of Integrity, he believed the implementation would never succeed.

“So, I ask the Papua Governor to call the Military and Police to participate in the signing of the Pact of Integrity to ensure the implementation of restriction could be running well and optimal, “ he said.


Further, he explained, if not it would become a business in Papua. Therefore it needs a commitment from the Police/Military officials in Papua to dismiss their personnel who involved as back up or distributors.

“Such threat would make the Military personnel or police officers in field to stop their act to back up the crime related to the distribution of liquors in Papua,” he said.

He gave an example: Waena traffic life, this place is very crowded from the morning till night, while it is located next to the Military housing which is supposed to be calm. “But why in the Military complex, people are always crowded from the morning till night? This place is a location of people selling the liquors. This is a real example that both military and police personnel are backing up the distribution of liquors,” said Yaung.

Five hundreds of people joined in the Coalition of Youths and Students and the Coalition of Papua Community held rally in front of the Papua Governor Office to challenge the Governor Lukas Enembe to prove his commitment eradicating liquors in Papua.

“We do not need promises or regulations but the real act. We need the real act” said protest coordinator Nelius Wenda in his oration in front of the Papua Governor Office.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Papua Legislative Council Yunus Wonda in his speech said the restriction against the production, circulation and distribution of liquors in Papua was officially started. “The previous regulation about the restriction was established in 2004. Then in 2009, we invited the Papua Police to made presentation based on the actual cases that almost every years many Papuans died because of the liquors which triggered the traffic accidents, abuses and domestic violence,” said Wonda. (Abeth You/rom)

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