The YAPKEMA in Paniai held condom use training (Jubi)


The YAPKEMA in Paniai held condom use training (Jubi)

The YAPKEMA in Paniai held condom use training (Jubi)

Jayapura, 24/2 (Jubi) – The YAPKEMA (Community Welfare Development Foundation) in Paniai held condom use training to selected people willing to take part in the campaign in some remote areas as part of efforts to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS .

The executive director of YAPKEMA Paniai, Hanok Herison Pigai told on Monday (24/2) the training was held in Enarotali, with six field coordinators participating.

After the training, they will be sent to the districts of Kebo, Paniai Barat, Yatamo, Paniai Timur and Bibida to disseminate information about the importance of the use of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS .

He further said since the practice of changing sexual partners among local communities remain common, YAPKEMA continues to provide capacity building to field facilitators who will transfer their knowledge to villagers in the remote areas.


According to a survey conducted by YAPKEMA Paniai in November, about 38 percent of local residents said they had mutually unfaithful spouses or life partners and admitted to having sex with different partners other than their wives. Only 14% of the respondents said they used condoms.

In light of the results of the survey, Pigai said it is extremely important to disseminate information about condom use to local communities.

A resident, Mama Yulince  urged men not to have sex with those other than their wives, because they can transmitt diseases to their spouses.

Separately, the Head of Health Department of Paniai Regency, Robby Kayami said the government will continue a public counseling program and blood tests as part of the implementation of the public declaration on the prevention of HIV/AIDS at Karel Gobay Soccer Stadium in Enarotali some time ago.

He admitted that deaths from HIV/AIDS in Paniai were on the increase and because of that his office is conducting a campaign on  healthy living and safe sex, personal hygiene and the consumption of health foods and drinks.  (Jubi/Markus You/rom)

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