Yahukimo People Urge Rights Commission and Papua Legislative Council to Investigate Fundraising Incident


Jayapura, Jubi – The disbanding of the West Papua National Committee’s fundraising campaign on Thursday (19/3/2105) and the arrest of some people have raised tensions in Yahukimo.

A local youth leader told Jubi by phone on Sunday night (22/3/2015) residents were still frightened and shops were still closed.

He urged the Human Right Commission to come to Yahukimo to investigate the incident. He said there is obviously human right violation in this case.
‘Since the incident occurred on Thursday till Saturday (21/3/2015), several people were arrested. Some of them have been released but two or three of them are still being detained. The residents are currently frightened. The Electricity turns on already but the airport is still closed and guarded by the Mobile Brigade officers,” Jubi’s source told.

He said he was at the scene when the police came to split the crowd. According to him the Police have moved to the location while the Yahukimo Police Intelligent Chief Budi Santoso was standing among the crowd without a police uniform. Then someone screamed,” We’ve been attacked”.

“At that time the Intelligent Chief was attacked and his weapon was seized. After the incident, a 50 years non-Papuan old lady founded hit by machete. Yesterday we signed a statement to release those who’ve been arrested,” he said.


He further said actually the fundraising has been run for four days but in the fifth day the police come to break up the crowd. “The Police only gave oral permission while the regent seems to let it happened and stay behind. He is currently in Jayapura,” he said.

Meanwhile the Papua Police Spokesperson Commissionaire Senior Patrige Renwarin said he was reported five people were arrested but four are now released.

“The situation is now conducive. The officer’s revolver also has been founded,” Renwarin said. According to him, it was founded at a location suspected KNPB’s secretariat. At that time the Yahukimo Special Police Force led by Adjunct Police Commissionaire Ade Djadja Subagdja sweeping around the area near Yahukimo KNPB secretariat where located in Jalan Pasar Baru, Yahukimo Regency.

“After taking charge the secretariat and clearing a suspected KNPB’s secretariat, they found the weapon,” he said. (Arjuna Pademme)

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