Freeport's mining area (Jubi)


Freeport's mining area (Jubi)

Freeport’s mining area (Jubi)

Timika, 4/7 (Jubi) – The Human Rights and Anti- Violence Foundation (YAHAMAK) is planning to take the Government of Indonesia to the international court over the Regulation No 4/2009 on  mining.

YAHAMAK Deputy Director, Arnold Ronsumbre said the action would be taken because it believed the government has ignored the negative repercussions of the regulation.
“Why was the Mining Law only passed recently, not when companies were at their top. This problem should be addressed, since earlier the Indonesian Trade Union and PT Freeport has been fighting for future fate of their employment. It would be affected towards the Papuan people’s welfare in particular,” he said in the press conference in Timika on Friday (4/7).

For the reason, YAHAMAK is planning to coordinate with some stakeholders and institutions both in regional and provincial level to establish the prosecutor team who will take the case to the International Court. “Today we have met with the local NGOs including Lemasa, Lemasko, LPMAK and other parties. We also have a partnership with Freeport,” he said.

He thought the Mining Law was applied without considering its impact towards the local community.
“The Central Government might be doesn’t know that Papuans are very counted to Freeport. If this situation keep continue, it’s not only the company who get harm, but its employments in general and the Papuans in particular,” he said.


On the other hade, the implementation of Mining Law has been threating thousand of employments of PT Freeport Indonesia, because they would be laid off, including some local contractors who worked with the company.  Further, YAHAMAK consider the local government of Mimika Regency, the provincial government of Papua, the Papua People Council and the Papua Parliament had less contribution to protect the employments and Papuans.

“Currently, the employments’ families are worried about the job losing, because it would impact to their living. In addition, some foundations who have the partnership with Freeport such as LPMAK, Lemasa, Lemasko and other local institutions would be paralyzed,” he said.

He further said Mimika Regency would get the direct impact due to the implementation of Mining Law. Off course it’s very anxious because it would trigger the increase of crimes such as murder, thief, and robbery everywhere.

A Freeport Employment, Daniel separately said he hoped the problem would be well solved, especially the Government of Indonesia could think about the economic impact and find the solution if later thousand of employment should be fired due to the implementation of Mining Law. (Jubi/Eveerth/rom)

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