Local woman traders at Pharaa traditional market - Jubi

Women Traders at Pharaa Market Count on Jokowi

Local woman traders at Pharaa traditional market - Jubi

Local woman traders at Pharaa traditional market – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to Pharaa Traditional Market, Sentani this month has brought great expectations among local women traders who struggle every day for a proper place.

“As ordinary people we can only hope that Jokowi and the Government to pay attention to our tables. When he came here (to Pharaa traditional market), we wanted to say several things but we couldn’t because he shortly left,” said Kristina, one of the women traders at Pharaa Sentani Traditional Market on Monday (18/5/2015).

Like other women traders, Kristina, who has sold vegetables at Pharaa Market for five years, doesn’t have a decent stall for selling her products.
“When will the construction of new market be finished? Its progress is too slow. At the time when Jokowi came, the activities around the construction area suddenly looked very busy. The Regional Government must be serious about this,” she said.

Her fellow trader from Pos 7 Sentani, Yustin talked about stalls and market structuring. According to her the government did discrimination by placing non-Papuan traders at the entrée while indigenous Papuan traders must crowding at the market border area. “In the future, new market must provide separated stalls for vegetable traders from other products and they must be placed at the first row,” she proposed. (Engel Wally/rom)


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