Women Learning Center Will Be completed in 2015


Deiyai, Jubi – Secretary of Women’s Empowerment and Family Planning Agency (KPPKB) in Deiyai Regency, Papua, Mukhlis Hussein said that the construction of Women Learning Center Building or the so-called ‘Yagamo Gibbons’ will be completed in 2015.

“The building’s foundation is completed. Now, builders are working on the rest,” Hussein said via cell phone on Friday afternoon (17/10).

“The location of the building is very strategic and reachable since it is next to the hall belonging to the local government building and not far from Deiyai regency office, “he said

The head of Women’s Empowerment and Family Planning Agency, Rosa Petege said, in 2014 budget, we focused on ‘Yagamo Owa’ which is divided into six programs: Catering, Clothing, Home and Garden , Domestic Violence Services, Mother-Child Health Services and Salon and Beauty programs,” she explained.

The building is quite large and is expected to be realized in 2015. “Therefore, a lot of activities that we have to do in 2015,” he added.


She hopes that women’ activities will be focused on SKBP ‘Yagamo Owa’, she concluded. (Ones Madai)

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