Witness in Batik Graft Case Returns 300 million to Prosecutor’s Office


Jayapura, Jubi – Awitness in a corruption case surrounding batik uniform procurement for Jayapura Municipal Civil Servants, Christina Luluporo, has returned 300 million rupiah to the Jayapura District Prosecutor Office on Monday (10/11).

The Jayapura District Prosecutor Chief, Tumpak Simanjuntak said she handed over the  cash after the Prosecutor Office questioned her about the source of the funds.
“When we questioned her about her right to the cash, she returned it. We have put the money in Bank Mandiri,” saud the Chief Simanjuntak on Tuesday.

Earlier, a witness identified as WI. Wensis also returned 50 million to the Prosecutor Office. Currently the office has seized the cash of thirty hundred fifty million rupiah in this case,
“We have published the list of wanted person (DPO) to a suspect Wahyuni who was their partner. We are still trying to find her, and we will continue searching till the end,” he said.

He further said until now Christina Luluporo who is the Jayapura Mayor’s wife is still as the witness. In addition, the Jayapura Prosecutor Office also summoned another suspect John Betaubun (JB) to be questioned. JB is now the legislator of Papua’s Parliament.
“We are waitng his present on Tuesday (11/11). We hoped he’s cooperative. If earlier we sent the summon letter directly to his house, now we called him through the Parliament’s Head. The Secretary of Council received the letter.

The Prosecutor Office expected JB to come. According to Simanjuntak, the prosecutor will examine some witnesses to develop this case.
“Until now we never examine him as a suspect. But if he was absent this time, the law would allow the investigators to force him to come. He better come to provide information, so public will know precisely know about this case,” he said.


Last week, JB’s attorney Paskalis Letsoin said his client was only a victim in this case. According to him there are people who actually should be a suspect in this case, but somehow they are not charged.
“JB’s role in this case is no more than distributing money to someone who implemented the project. For this reason, he asked the Jayapura District Prosecutor Office must be transparent in handling this case. If they found the mark-up in this case, it means the contractor did, not him,” Letsoin said at that time. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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