P. Marthen E. Kuayo, Pr - The Diocesan Administrator for Timika Dioceses

Papua – Timika Diocese Asked for Withdrawing The Recommendation of Mining Business License in Intan Jaya


Timika Diocese asked Papuan governor to withdraw the recommendation of Mining Business License in Blok Wabu, Intan Jaya. 


Nabire, Jubi – Diocese from Timika speak up regarding the Papuan Governor recommendation for the Mining Business License in Blok Wabu, Intan Jaya. Moreover, they ask it to the main Director of Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) In Jakarta, July 24, 2020. The Diocesan Administrator for Timika Dioceses, P. Marthen E. Kuayo, Pr emphasized that if the recommendation was truly given by Papuan Governor, then it should be revoked.

 “There is the special recommendation in Blok Wabu that has been signed by Papuan Governor on July 24, 2020. Please, revoke the recommendation if it’s truly issued by Papuan Governor” said P. Marthen Kuayo, Pr after the ordination two priests and eight deacons in Meriam Nabire, on Sunday (11/10/2020).

According to Kuayo, the Indigenous people in Intan Jaya can survive by farming and hunting. Therefore, if the company entered Intan Jaya, their future life would be questioned. 


“I, work in Intan Jaya as a Pastor for seven years. I know exactly the location. It belongs to Belau, Japugau, and Sondegau clan. If the company take over their area, what will happen to them?” he said. 

Kuayo said that, if the permit were not revoked, the local people would live with suffering and miserable. “This suffering will be prolonged,” he said. 

In the recommendation number 540/11625 / SET signed by Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe, it was responding to MIND ID company that Papuan Governor is supporting and recommend the business license with four points. 

Firstly, the area is a state reserved territory so it is necessary to instruct a Mining Business License following the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations. Secondly, the area being requested was formerly the area of PT Freeport Indonesia with approximately 40 hectares, which located in Intan Jaya. 

Thirdly, to support regional development, PT MIND ID collaborates and actively participates in involving regional companies (Regional Owned Enterprises) in the implementation and management of mining activities. Fourthly, coordinating with the local Regent, socialize and involve the community and report the progress of activities to the Governor.

Regarding the fourth point, journalists’ form Jubi has confirmed to Intan Jaya Regent, Natalis Tabuni by calling (eight times) and sending short messages. However, Jubi’s journalists got no response. 

Furthermore, reliable sources compiled by Jubi said, the Regent of Intan Jaya is very busy with various events in Intan Jaya. (*)

Editor: Syam Terrajana

Translated by: Nuevaterra

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