A meetings between local parliamentarian and teachers in Merauke (Jubi)


A meetings between local parliamentarian and teachers in Merauke (Jubi)

A meetings between local parliamentarian and teachers in Merauke (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi (23/1) – The issue of education is unceasingly voiced by various groups, including the teachers themselves who served in remote villages. One of them is John Anari, Elementary School Teacher (SD) Yokip, Tubang District.

“I have to be honest to tell to the Merauke Legislative Council (DPRD) ,as well as Vice Regent of Merauke, Sunarjo, S.Sos that almost all children in the elementary school, can not write and read, Who is fault and who is sin?. “John said with a high voice in the room on Thursday (23/1).
John further claimed, when he was on duty in one of the villages in Semangga District , teaching and learning activities was not going well. However, “At SD Yokip, the children can not read and write well. Generally, Native Papua Kids.” he said.
This crucial issue, must be undertaken and resolved immediately by local government (regency) of Merauke. “We should not let the kids like that. They should be given the opportunity to go to school and learn to write and to read. “pleaded John.
Admittedly , some time ago he heard the statement from Merauke Regent, Drs. Romanus Mbaraka, MT that teachers and medical personnel serving in remote areas will be given an incentive fund of Rp 5 million. “We welcome with joy thr Merauke Regent’s policy,” he said.
He added, however, particularly for those who works in the villages of the Waan district should be given more incentives at Rp.10 million. Due to the topography of the area is very difficult to reach. Not to mention the expensive transport by ship or speedboat.
Vice-regent of Merauke, Sunarjo, S.Sos also recognizes that many children in the village could not go to school because the teachers are running errands in the city. The government is considerably rethinking to cooperate with KPG Papua so that the graduated students can be contracted.
Specifically related to the teacher incentives, Vice Regent , he himself has not been able to officially informed . “I’ve heard from teachers if start in January, will be given an incentive. “ he said. (Jubi / Ans/Tina)

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