A whale stranded in Fakfak on 2013 - Jubi

Whale Beached in Merauke

A whale stranded in Fakfak on 2013 - Jubi

A whale stranded in Fakfak on 2013 – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – A 12 meters whale was stranded on the Kumbe Beach to the surprise of residents. The whale was still alive when discovered by residents.

Semangga Sub-district Chief Recky Samkakai told Jubi by phone last week he heard the information about the beached whale but he didn’t know its size.

Kumbe villager Veronika Kawib told Jubi by phone that the whale measured about 12 meters and that local residents discovered it while they were going fishing.

The information about this whale is spreading immediately and attracted people to see it. “I also came to the beach at around 08:00 Papua time but the fish was already dead, but it still lied on the beach side,” she said. However, she admitted she didn’t know about the exact time that people discovered it for the first time because people were already gathered in the scene when she arrived. Up to now the crowd are still coming to witness the big fish. She said actually the fish could go to the shore if the tide was coming but residents agreed to burry it on the land. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


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