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West Papua KNPB activist held for nine hours by Mimika Police


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Nabire, Jubi – The spokesperson of West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Timika area, Emanuel Dogopia, was taken from his parents’ house in Timika, the center of Mimika regency in Papua, by the police. He was released nine hours later, after the police ordered him to sign a statement that he would not post anything opposing “NKRI” or the United State of Republic of Indonesia.


KNPB headquarters’ spokesperson, Ones Suhuniap, told Jubi that the police took Dogopia’s personal belongings when he was “relaxing” at his parent’s house at 2:30 pm.



On Thursday evening, Dogopia, who was just released at 11 pm, told Jubi that the police returned his laptop, handphone, arrows, knife, and other personal belongings except for his KNPB flag. He said although returned, his computer could not start anymore.


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“The police accused me of uploading the recruitment of native Papuans as police officers on my Facebook account. I said, I never uploaded that video. He asked the police, why did they arrest him while the video was already circulating widely on social media.


Dogopia said when he was at the police precinct, an officer slapped him and asked him to give the officer his cell phone. I told them when they arrested me, my cell phone fell on the front yard.


Before he was released, the police made him sign a statement that he would not post anything on social media that opposed “NKRI”. Dogopia agreed to sign. He said he did not object to the request as long as the police did not make him sign a statement that he had to stop his political activities with the KNPB. “I would rather be in jail if they asked me that,” he said.


Reporter: Hengky Yeimo

Editor: Aryo Wisanggeni

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