West Papua will be Conservation Hub


Manokwari, Jubi – West Papua is drafting local regulations to designate the province as a conservation hub, Regional Secretary of West Papua Province Nataniel Mandacan said.

“Regional Regulation of West Papua as a conservation province will soon be submitted to the local parliament to be discussed and passed in order to be implemented by local governments and communities,” Nataniel Mandacan said in Manokwari last week.

He said Governor Abraham Atururi believed forest and marine resources in the province of West Papua should be protected.

A number of International NGOs are engaged in the conservation of natural resources Conservation International, are The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help the Government of West Papua province.

Secretary said, the entire natural resource conservation activities were carried out by the people of West Papua province, especially community in Raja Ampat, Kaimana and Tambraw district that got financed by the three international NGOs.


The international NGOs would finance the conservation of natural resources by local communities in the province of West Papua by the year 2017.

Therefore, the government made the Regional Regulation of West Papua as a province that conservation of natural resources conservation activities undertaken by international NGOs has been continued in 2017.

“The government of West Papua Province thank the International NGO which has been financing conservation of natural resources in the province,” he added. (*/Tina)

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