Map of West Papua province - Suplied

West Papua People’s Assembly Urged to Advocate for Papuan Rights Seriously

Map of West Papua province - Suplied

Map of West Papua province – Suplied

Sorong, Jubi – Papua People’s Assembly of West Papua (MRP PB) was asked to be more serious in tackling problems in Papua including the issues of the rights of indigenous Papuans (OAP).

DPP chairman of Imura Forum, Paul F. Mayor confirmed that conflict of customary land rights often happens and West Papua People’s Assembly must give pay attention on it.
“Blockage and demonstration emerge everywhere because of land issues. Where is MRP PB? They should pay more attention to this problem rather than other things that there is no benefit for the Papuans, “he said in press received by Jubi in Sorong, West Papua on Tuesday (08/09/2015).

Therefore, he urged representatives of cultural institutions to handle it seriously.
“MRP PB must form a team to visit the conflict areas by conducting a discussion with traditional leaders, youth and local people as well as academic faculty, “he added.

He also hoped that MRP PB and West Papua Legislative Council to jointly seek a formula for the sake of protecting indigenous rights, particularly the issue of ownership rights customary for the people of Papua.
“Why we have to do this? Because when the native Papuans speak up, there must be stopped, he stated.


One of activist from the Indonesian National Student Movement (GMNI) in Sorong Raya, Jhon Malibela also said the same thing. He hoped MRP PB to immediately talk with the Native Papuans about the land issues. (Niko MB/ Tina)

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