Goliath Tabuni (IST)

West Papua National Liberation Army Conducted the Shooting in Puncak Jaya instead of the Armed Civilian Group

Goliath Tabuni (IST)

Goliath Tabuni (IST)

Jayapura, 27/1 (Jubi) – The perpetrators who killed some victims in the series of shooting that happening lately in Puncak Jaya District are purely the West Papua National Liberation Army, not the Armed Civilian Group.   

Ones Suhuniap, the Secretary General of the Central Executive Committee of the West Papua National Committee (KPP KNPB) contacted by tabloidjubi.com, via his cellphone on Monday (27/1) said,” It is purely the action of the West Papua National Liberation Army, not the Armed Civilian Group.”

He emphasized for the operations conducted by the military and police in order to minimize the shooting Mulia should not sacrifice the civilians. “Because the shooting happened during this time was purely done by the liberation army, not by civilians,” he said.

Ones also asked the military and police for not disturbing the civilians. Because it often happening in Mulia before. When the civilians are going to the church, the military and police came to catch and torture them. “And became the victims from this action areTenius Telenggen and Tigabur Enumbi,” he said.


Therefore, Ones also asked the military and police to stop the actions scarifying the civilians who don’t know anything.
“The shootings by the liberation army are purely related to the ideology issue. Therefore the issue must be resolved through the political way, not by the military strength. Then, for the law enforcement authorities, it’s asked not to shut down the democratic space in Papua. But the government need immediately to open the democratic space as wide as possible,” this dreadlock hair man said.

As previously reported by tabloidjubi.com on Sunday (26/1), the shooting terror in Mulia Puncak Jaya was once again happened. This time, the Armed Civilian Group in Pintu Angin, Puncak Jaya, shot the motorcade of Company E Battalion Infantry 751 Rider under the command of 1st Lt. Infantry Alafa.

From information gathered by tabloidjubi.com, after dropping team for securing area in Pintu Angin, Strada car belong to the Company 751 led by the 1st Lt. Infantry Alafa hit by the gunshot in the location, 100 meters from the Mobile Brigade Station Kulirik. The car was fired using a rifle weapon and hit in the left front tire and car’s glass.

The shooting was allegedly come from the Yambi Group led by Leka Telenggen. After the shooting, the shooter ran away into the forest.

Village Chief of Yambi, Mulia District, Usman when being contacted via cellphone confirmed about the shooting. He only does not know about the shooting victim in the incident done by the armed civilian group.
“I get the information about the shooting, but until now doesn’t know there is a victim or not,” Usman said through his cell phone, Sunday (26/1).

Meanwhile, the Commander of Battalion Infantry 751 Rider, Lt. Col. Infantry Luqman Arief related to this incident was reluctant to give more comments. However he asked his members who are on duty in Puncak Jaya District to give priority to the discipline when on duty in accordance with the define procedure.
“Discipline is the only key. With the existing SOP and Protap (Regular Procedure), I am sure there will be no problems. Because I have been there, and saw there are many incidents happened because it was not appropriated with the SOP that was emphasized to all member. As long as the member follow the regular procedure, I am sure there is nothing happen, if there was it would only the far-distance distraction,” Lukman said on Sunday (26/1).

In addition as reported by tabloidjubi.com on Saturday (25/1), the political figure of Mulia, Puncak Jaya District, Yermis Telwanem spoke that the leader in Yambi was origin from Tiom named Leka Telenggen, and his group does not know about the organization.
“The point in this group is who hold the gun therefore he would be considered as the leader. Who hold the gun would be considered as the commander, so they have many leaders. Most of them who hold the gun was called the commander and who haven’t would be considered as the member. It can be said that they are the intruder movement,” Yermis said, Saturday (25/1). (Jubi/Arnold Belau/P. Maizier)

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