We Are Not Terrorists, Says Marind Tribe at Mopah Airport


Merauke, Jubi – Five clans from the Marind tribe rallied demanding compensation and against the presence of Marine officers at Mopah Airport in the recent weeks.

The protestors on Sunday (8/3/2015) displayed banners incluiding ones that declared ”We are not terrorists,” “Marine no need to for guards, we already have the Police and Air Force.”

Other banner read: “Stop the military. It’s not a war situation. Papuan are not at war.”

Those writings were to highlight the policy of Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang who assigned Marine officers as airport’s security guards.

In the meeting with the Regional Commander Brigadier General Supartodi some times ago, Aritonang said his apologize for lack of communication with other military institution before hiring the Marine officers in the airport area.
“What I have done was merely to give a shock therapy to residents and passengers due to some blunders, including haphazard parking and vandalism over the airport facilities by irresponsible people” he said.


On the other hand, the Merauke Legislative Council Deputy Chairman Benny Latumahina actually questioned the status of Mopah Airport, whether it was a public or military airport because a lot of complaints from public related to the presence of Marine officers in the airport area.
“It seems the activities of people and passengers were limited, including those who entered the airport area were freaking out with this treatment,” he said. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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