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Warsansan Village Consumes Rain Water Since 1980



From 1980 until now, Warsansan Villagers just drink rainwater collected in water tank. (ist/Jubi)

From 1980 until now, Warsansan Villagers just drink rainwater collected in water tank. (ist/Jubi)

Biak, Jubi – Warsansan Village in North Biak district, Biak Numfor has had a shortage of clean water since it officially became a village administration in 1980, head of Warsansan village, Elijah Makuker said.

From 1980 until now we just drink rainwater collected in water tank. So, when there is no rain, people have problems getting water,” he said at his house in Kampung Warsansan on Monday (02/02/2015).

He said actually there are three springs in the village, yet it is difficult to get water from there because of the far distance, approximately 3 kilometers.


In addition, the owners of customary rights (Kafiar‘s family) of the three springs do not allow the three springs to manage.

“Though we have had several joint survey conducted by Public Works of Papua Province in 2012 but due to land-rights holders, the team from Public Works of Papua province canceled to continue the installation of a water bath and drain the water to the village,” he said.

Therefore he hoped the local government of Biak Numfor will solve it so the villagers could have clean water access.

The same thing was also said by chairman of Village Consultative Body of Warsansan (Bamuskam), Agustinus Bransik. He said the lack of clean water was due to land-rights holders because their aspirations to be a member of Bamuskam and the village officials were not accommodated.

“I knew it after talking with them. Therefore I think the government needs to pay attention to in order to answer the complaints of clean water,” he added. (Marten Boseren/Tina)

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