Wamena Prosecutor’s Office Charges Five in Corruption Cases


Wamena, Jubi – The Wamena Prosecutor’s Office charged five people with corruption in Yahukimo and Yalimo regencies on Monday (3/11).

Three suspects –  the head of Yalimo General Affairs Office, Yusuf Tandipare, a contractor Amos Huby, a legal officer Samuel R Patabang, and a consultant Iwan Turangan – are accused of corruption involving a project to build a Micro Hydro Power Generator (PLTMH) in 2011.

Treasurer Obednego Palangan is a suspect over fraud related to vehicle and house rents for the head of the Yahukimo Religious Affairs Office.  The head of the Yahukimo Religious Affairs Office was arrested four months ago.

Chief prosecutor Dian Frits Nalle told reporters that the detention would speed up their trial and prevent them from destroying evidence. “I hope we could take these cases immediately to the court. The suspects were charged under the Law of Corruption Crime which is punishable by a maximum 20 years in prison,” she said.

She said there was a possibility for arresting other suspects related to these cases.


The five were named suspects two months ago. “They were just arrested now because we need evidence to support the indictment,” she said.

Related to Yalimo case, six witnesses have been questioned, but according to her, they don’t need many witnesses if they have enough evidences such as letters or other supporting documents. “So far, the Prosecutor have seized some documents related to agreement and working documents, but we might be seized another evidence soon,” she revealed.

Further related to Yahukimo case, Nalle said the Prosecutor Office would immediately take the case to the court. “Because today we have detained the treasurer and previously we have arrested the Head of the Yahukimo Religious Affairs Office,” she said.

Meanwhile, the lawyer in the PLTMH Yalimo case, Sihar Tobing told reporters he was disappointed with his clients’ detention. Because during the process of investigation, his clients were cooperatives and they might not escape or destroy the evidences.
“I object this detention, because no official summon to my clients. Therefore I will propose the suspension of their detention or a city arrest,” said Tobing. (Islami/rom)

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