Wamena-Kuring Road Badly Damaged


Wamena, Jubi – The road linking Wamena and Kurima District, Yahukimo has been badly damaged due to the heavy rain.

One of the religious leaders, Pastor John Djonga in Asolokabal district said in Jayawijaya that the government should have taken measures to deal with the aftermath of heavy rain, but it seemed to have ignored it.

It has been two days since the two villagers from two different villagers felt threatened the flooding that could damage their garden and houses.

Pastor John said the Jayawijaya government has very slow in dealing with the disaster especially landslides.

He further said the related department in this case PU of Jayawijaya must take concrete steps to help people by opening alternative road for the public transportation access in order to serve the society.


One of the public taxi drivers from Wamena to Sogokmo, Anto and a young residents live near the landslide areas told reporters on Saturday (28/02/2015) the connecting road was broken.
“When I passed on Tuesday afternoon with the passengers, there was only slightly damaged, but the next day It became worst,” he added. Up to now, there was no attention from the government. (Islami/ Tina)

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