Cement at store in Java - Suplied

Wamena Hit by Fuel, Cement Shortages

Cement at store in Java - Suplied

Cement at store in Java – Suplied

Wamena, Jubi – Wamena, the capital of Jayawijaya Regency, have experienced a shortage of fuel, cement and flour for the last four days.

The shortage came after airlines reduced flights as their fleets were undergoing maintenance, source said. Trigana Air, Cardig Air, Jayawijaya Dirgantara and Deraya operate an aircraft each for transporting the gasoline into that area. The airlines normally operate two aircraft each.

Sources told Jubi in Wamena on Tuesday (30/9/2015) that the aircraft only transported rice for poor (raskin).

Currently the Jayawijaya Industry, Trade and Cooperation Office conduct immediate coordination with relevant parties and aviation companies.
“We will also report this situation to the Regional Secretary and the Regent. Therefore, we anticipate this situation to not lasting and critical for us in Wamena, and for the Central Highland area in general,” said the Head of Jayawijaya Industry, Trade and Cooperation Office, Semuel Munua at his office on Tuesday.
“We also struggle that the existing aviation with restricted flying hours could be given clearance to serve three to four times a day,”


According to him, he will find a solution of this problem immediately because Wamena is an axis of the other central highland areas. If this situation could not be immediately solved, the highland areas would experience the similar situation.

He admitted the disturbance experienced by Jayawijaya Dirgantara and Cardig Air also affected Trigana Air, while some aviation companies that serve six regencies of the Central Highland area could not fulfill this need. At least aviation should fly to Wamena three to four times a day. “With the enforcement of flying hour restriction, the stock of all commodities is shortage, but we are trying to fit the supplies for next week. For instance, gasoline has reached 35 thousand rupiahs per litter in Wouma Sub-district, while the stock of diesel also quite rare because only two aircrafts, Trigana and Cardig, are operating,” he said.

“We also appealed to retailer for not taking benefit of this situation by increasing the price. Sanction would be applied to those who violate the standard of price, our stags will monitoring to the field and seize the stuffs,” Munua said.

Person in Charge of an aviation company in Wamena, Michael Bidure, said his company only receives order. “If we got diesel to be transported, we will carry it to Wamena. But related to the lack of gasoline, please ask to suppliers in Jayapura as well as retailers in Wamena, because we are only transporting,” Bidure said.

A gasoline and diesel retailer at Jalan Hom-Hom, Wamena said the increase of gasoline price is occurred due to lack of supplies from Jayapura since three days. Even on Tuesday (29/9/2015) people were queuing at some gasoline retail stalls for their motorcycles. While the retailers only get stock of few drums of gasoline only. (Islami/rom)

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