The main street of Wamena Regency -

Wamena District Chief Wants Pig Statue

The main street of Wamena Regency -

The main street of Wamena Regency –

Wamena, Jubi – Chief of Wamena district, Jayawijaya, Lince Kogoya is seeking to build a statue of a pig as a symbol of the mountainous region.

According to her, name of Wamena has a great meaning to Jayawijaya people and  central mountain areas, so there should be a symbol that represents the town of Wamena.

“Wamena stands for Wam (Pig) Ena (pet). It is important because it’s our identity as a mountain man, “she said in Wamena on Friday (26/02/2016).

She said almost all indigenous people in the central mountainous especially in Jayawijaya has pig as a pet.


“This is necessary, because pig is a treasure and is also commonly used to pay dowry, conflict settlement, as well as for traditional ceremony or celebration,” she added.

“So, I hope Jayawijaya parliament to plan and realize it,” she continued.

She explained, pig is sacred animal to Papuan people who live in central highlands, especially Jayawijaya.

Chairman of  Jayawijaya parliament, Taufik Petrus Latuihamallo said construction of a statue as a symbol of regional culture  is on the agenda of the board.

“We’ve submitted to the board, and will be discussed together,” said Taufik Latuihamallo. (Islami/Tina)

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