Councilor Laurens Kadepa - Jubi

Violence Is Not the Way to Keep Papua within Indonesia

Councilor Laurens Kadepa - Jubi

Councilor Laurens Kadepa – Jubi

Yogyakarta, Jubi – “It’s such a nightmare for Indonesia if they wanted to maintain Papua through violence, arrest, murder, detention and massacres of Papuans, in particular human rights activists in Papua,” Papuan councilor Laurenzus Kadepa told Jubi last week from Jayapura.

Many cases of rights violations have happened in the land of Papua for more than five decades after it was forced to integrate with Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government reveals none of those cases up to now. It indicates that Papua is not part of Indonesia.
“The unrevealed actors of the human right violation cases in Papua including the shooting incident that killed four students and injured dozens of residents in Paniai on 8 December 2014 is evidence of state failure for Papuans,” Kaidepa said. According to him, the Indonesian treatment over Papuans turned Papuans to consider Indonesia is not their country. “Now Papuans are not considering Indonesia as their country. It’s all happened due to the repressive acts of Indonesian Security Forces in doing their task in Papua,” he said.

He further said in the traumatic condition and the Paniai case has not yet settled, another shooting incident in similar reason has been occurred and killed a boy and injured dozens in Ugapaga, Dogiyai, Papua. According to police’s investigation, the perpetrator is identified as Unknown Person (OTK). This act was strongly hurt the victims’ family.
“Through such violence and their repressive acts triggering endlessly human right violations in Papua, both Military and Police could damage the image of State in front of the world community,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Solidarity of Papuan Student Concerned on Human Right Issue in Papua demanded the President Joko Widodo to professionally settle the recent cases of murder by Indonesian Security Forces in Papua, because the murders are continuing to be occurred in the entire land of Papua, including the Paniai Case.

“We asked Jokowi to solve the shooting case over a junior high school boy on 26 June 2015 by the security forces member in Ugaouga, Dogiyai, as well as to solve the massacre over four students on 8 December 2014 in Paniai,” Donatus Douw, the Secretary General of Solidarity of Papua Student Concerned on Human Right Issue in Papua to Jubi through email on Thursday (2/7/2015) from Surabaya. (Arnold Belau/rom)


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