Violence Against Women and Children Remains Rampant in Papua



Jayapura, Jubi – Cases of violence against women and children in Papua increased sharply in the period of 2010-2014, said the head of the Sub Division on Violence against Children and Child Social Issues Papua province, Levina Kalansina Sawaki.

“Most of the perpetrators of sexual violence are people closest to the victims,” Levina said in Jayapura last week.

She revealed that perpetrators of abuse are not only adults. In one case, a 9-year-old sexually attacked a 5-year-old victim in Tanah Hitam, Abepura ditsrict, Jayapura.
“Sexual Abuse against children is higher in Papua,” she said.

According to her, the safe house is intended for women and children victims of violence have been prepared by government of Papua Province. However, until now it has not been inaugurated because there are other obstacles.
“When minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection was in Jayapura, she visited a six -year old victim with initial ’S’ at hospital in Jayapura. She then asked that the perpetrator must be punished according to existing law,” she added.


Meanwhile, Area Manager Cluster Jayapura and Merauke, Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), Radika Puito said it nationally trained the child survivors of violence companion of NTT, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua where the trained companions are from Jayapura , Merauke, Keerom and Jayapura city.
“WVI is also working with Buddy Care Foundation and other institutions to strengthen on how to accompany children who are victims of violence, ” Radika stated in Jayapura on Saturday (07/04/2015).

She added, the problem faced today is because of having no child psychologist at the bottom level. In Papua there is only one child psychologists. “This problem is like a long queue, cases of violence against children in Papua.We have reported to the national level,” she said. (Munir/ Tina)

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