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Villagers Suffer from Diarrhea Due to Contaminated Water

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Ilustration – Suplied

Wamena, Jubi – Hailstorms that occurred in Lanny Jaya regency last month caused failure of crops, a shortage of food and water pollution, an official said.

Regional Secretary of Lanny Jaya, Christian Sohilait,  explained that villlagers of Mume had stomach problems after drinking water from the river.
“Villagers suffer from diarrhea from using unclean water from the river, “Sohilait said in Wamena on last week.

Therefore, local government is scheduling to get a sample from the location for further investigation.
“Right now we’re trying to take water samples from the site and take them to a laboratory in Jayapura. Yet because of limited time, we found difficulty to get sample, “he added

According to one of residents in Kuyawage the contaminated water should have not been consumed by villagers because when there is a mixture of oil in the water.


Currently Lanny Jaya government is sending doctors to Kuyawage, and gallons of water by using two aircraft flight for the villagers.
” Based on the latest data recorded that as many as 115 people in Goa Balim had diarrhea and 70 villagers in Mume, Kuyawage. We’ll find out why water can be contaminated, “Sohilait said. (Islami/Tina)

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