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Villagers in Sarmi Need Clean Water and Latrine

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Jayapura, Jubi – Residents in Amsira and Angkasa villages, Sarmi Selatan Sub-district, need clear water and latrines, according to the findings of the Commission IV during their visit last weekend.

The Chairman of Commission IV of the Papua Legislative Council, Boy Markus Dawir, said a lot of people’s aspirations were articulated during the visit.

The main problem in both villages is clean water, public housing and sanitation facilities, he said.

“People also asked the government to build one school management to facilitate their children to school,” Dawir said on Tuesday (3/11/2015).


According to him, people also asked for extra teachers and medical staffs in their villages. This condition, he further said, is contrary with the Papua Provincial policy to provide 80 percent of Special Autonomy Funds to the Regional Government, including covering the education and health services costs.

“But the current condition at two villages in Sarmi is even alarming. The Papua Provincial Government needs to evaluate the 80 – 20 percent sharing funds of Special Autonomy Funds to the regencies. If with the conditions like this, the funds is better to pull back from the regencies to endorse another programs by Provincial Government,” he said.

One of community leader in Amsira Village, Yahya Cawer said the local government has built the road infrastructure to their village, but less attention to the public housing. “In fact, in other villages, it’s already done. In addition to the public housing, Amsira villagers also need clean water for drinking and cooking. During the time, they utilized well waters for drinking and washing. While Amsira Village is the main village,” Cawer said several days ago. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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