Ronald Jikwa (left) (Jubi)


Ronald Jikwa (left) (Jubi)

Ronald Jikwa (left) (Jubi)

Jayapura, 18/2 (Jubi) – Disputes between village chiefs are hindering the implementation of development programs in Tolikara Regency.

“Because there are some who appointed directly by the Tolikara Regent, and some were appointed trough the decree issued by the former regent. It’s resulted in a dispute between the new and former appointed chiefs that affected to the development,” said the head of a team on Village Development Governance, Ronal Jikwa, on Tuesday (18/2).

He urged the local Legislature Council to address the disputes, approve the release of PNPM Mandiri funds and rice for the poor.
“Legislators must open their eyes. Do not cover up the issues that have been raised by the assigned village chiefs because they have obtained the Decree of Regional Government Regulation No 72/2005,” said Ronal, warning the local government against politicizing the issue for their personal interests.

Nius Kogoya who represents the people of Tolikara Regency, said the poorly executed distribution of funds from Regional Budget has also constrained development.


People saw little development in Tolikara Regency during the period of 2012-2013.
“Other regencies can be prosperous and happy because they implement the governor’s vision about public welfare and independency. It’s different with our people at Tolikara because there is a dualism of local government’s policy,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Member of Commission B of DPRD Tolikara Regency, Yosia Kogoya said the issue has been discussed in the recent plenary session of DPRD Tolikara Regency.
“We conducted a hearing yesterday. The joined factions agreed to recommend that DPRD to demand the determination of the former decree,” he said.

He added that 546 village chiefs of 46 districts in the regency have been holding the Decree issued by the former regent but new regent exchange the policy.
“We don’t agree. We ask the government to return to the former regulation,” he said. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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