Victims of Rights Abuse Urge Jokowi to Resolve Papua Conflict


Jayapura, Jubi – President Joko Widodo should make solving human rights abuse cases his priority, said ELSAM Papua Director, last week.

Following the fall of the New Order regime seventeen years ago, violence, human right abuses and impunity have been daily occurrences in Papua, ELSHAM Papua Director, Ferdinan Marisan said. Despite reforms, freedom of expression and gathering are still restricted.
“The Seventh President of the Republic of Indonesia when celebrated Christmas with the local government and Papuan people has committed to prioritize the welfare of Papuans and to resolve the human right violation cases in Papua, especially the Paniai shooting incident that occurred two weeks ahead Christmas on 8 December 2015,” Marisan.

According to him, the injustice and violence by State’s apparatus in Papua reflected the ignorant of the Indonesian presidents to comprehensively protect and resolve the humanitarian issues in Papua that until today many civilian victims of violence in Papua not thoroughly obtaining justice for 52 years of integration (since 1 May 1962).

He also said since the enforcement of Law No.39/1999 on Human Right Violation and Law No.26/2000 on Human Right Court has conducted, three incidents of violence has taken to the Indonesian General Attorney, including the Abepura Case of 7 December 2002 (taken to Human Right Court in Makassar but failed to bring justice to the victims), Warior Case 2001 and Wamena Case of 1 April 2003 (not taken to the court due to pending verdict from the Indonesian General Attorney).

Another major cases are Hostages Operation at Mapenduma in 1996, Biak Case in 1998, Shooting Case that killed 4 students in Paniai on 8 December 2014, and the recent case is the arrest and torture of 267 civilians in Manokwari (215), Jayapura (39), Merauke (16) and Surabaya (3) by the police officers and soldiers on 30 April and 1 May 2015 when held a protest against the Papua’s intengration into Indonesia and supported the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) membership in the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) including the torture towards two teenagers Dodi Fatagor and Pascalis Fatagor by a soldier at Workwana, Arso, Keerom Regency (27/04/2015).


The Papua’s integration into Indonesia for 52 years has resulted no respect and protection towards human rights in Papua. It evidenced the persistence of conflict and violence and Papua, thus the President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla not to replicate the same attitude to give empty promises in resolving issues in Papua as did by former presidents.

For that reason, ELSHAM Papua urged the Widodo’s administrative to immediately find resolution and put the human right issues in Papua as priority with the following conditions:

1. The Government state an apology to the people of Papua due to the conflict in Papua was occurred for decades and cause many violations towards the Papuans’ rights and took many life of civilians during the long-drawn conflict in Papua;
2. The Government to build communication with Papuans people for dialogue and peace resolution for Papua;
3. The Government to ensure the follow up the sever human right violation cases in Wasior and Wamena at the General Attorney and to implement the establishment of Human Right Court and Truth and Reconciliation Commission (KKR) as authorized in the Law No.21/2001 on Papua Special Autonomy.
4. The elimination of separatist stigma against Papuans and of colonial stigma against the Government, an amnesty for all political prisoners to reflect the Government’s good intention.
5. The law enforcement towards the perpetrators of violence and human right violation cases by Military/Police from the past to present.
6. To open the broadest access to the international journalist, researcher, activist and organization to come to Papua.
7. To provide assurance towards the democratic right of Papuan people to have organization, freedom of expression, and ideology as guaranteed by the Constitution.
8. To ensure the accountability and coordination of security operation in Papua.
9. The Local Government to carry out its duties in providing protection and rehabilitation to the victims of human right violation.

The following statement has been submitted to the Widodo’s administrative and expected obtaining the government’s attention in the implementation and realization of peaceful, stability and relief in Papua. (Engel Wally/rom)

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