Coordinator of SKP HAM Papua Peneas Lokbere - Jubi

Victims of Rights Abuse Say They Will Never Forget Jokowi’s Promises

Coordinator of SKP HAM Papua Peneas Lokbere - Jubi

Coordinator of SKP HAM Papua Peneas Lokbere – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Victims of human rights violations in Papua said they would not forget promises made by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to solve human rights violations cases in Papua, particularly the shooting dead of five students and the police shootings in Paniai on 8 December 2014 that wounded 17 people.

“We express our sympathy to the victims in Paniai,” said President Widodo in his speech at the National Christmas Event held at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura on 27 December 2015.

Coordinator of SKP HAM Papua Peneas Lokbere said the victims’ families are still waiting for Widodo to fulfill his promise to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators. “The head of state has made his promise, so we asked him to fulfill it. With power and authority, he shouldn’t give imposing promises to the people. We are all the human beings, so Widodo please act humanly,” he said.

Lokbere said, not fulfilling his promise means he insult the Papuans who were angry, disappointed and cried against the injustice done by State. The president pretended to be nice towards Papuans to calm down their anger and to make them not against the power of State in Papua.


He said pretending is very dangerous for Papuans. Papuans are living between death or life along with the policy and promise by the government who looked care with those visits and unreal promises.

‘This false visit would not change Papua. It would only give a grandiose promise to please Papuans for the while, when they were angry, Jakarta would cheer them with the promise, again and again. It would keep like this,” he said.

Meanwhile Tonny Elopere, KontraS activist said Joko Widodo must fulfill his promise as reflection of the Indonesian Government’s commitment to solve the human rights cases in Papua. The government should point their commitment. If the incident was occurred at noon before the eyes of witnesses, which both perpetrators, victims and witnesses were identified, could not be solved, what about the settlement of other cases?” said Elopere.

Student Independent Forum activist Kokai Mujizau said the visit of President Jokowi to Papua was apart of his main agenda. It was only an intermezzo. His agenda was no more than traveling, promotion on investment and economic development in Papua. “Jokowi, do not just satisfy your desire traveling to Papua. We are demanding your promise,” he firmly said. (Benny Mawel/rom)

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