Fire incident at Kloofkamp, on October, 5th (Jubi/Sindung)

Victims of Kloofkamp Fire Incident Ask for Capital and Housing Grant

Fire incident at Kloofkamp, on October, 5th (Jubi/Sindung)

Fire incident at Kloofkamp, on October, 5th (Jubi/Sindung)

Jayapura, Jubi – The victims of the Kloofkamp fire incident urged the government to provide them with new houses and livelihoods.

“They asked for the provision of business and housing grant,” a Red Cross volunteer Yusak Krey told Jubi at the disaster post on Tuesday (21/10).

He said currently the victims were staying with their relatives near the scene and aid had distributed to them.

“However, they still need more, such as the school supplies. Many children go to Yapis school (Islamic Foundation), and they need the veils, long sleeve shirts and long skirts,” he said.


The head of the Social Office, Irawadi, said it was up to the Jayapura Mayor to meet the victims’ demands.

“We hope the related government offices will pay attention to the victims. We cannot make promises but we will forward their requests to the Jayapura Mayor,” he said.

Meanwhile, Community Head Gurabesi, Yulius Myosido revealed the police’s unresponsiveness in handling the fire incident. “Until now, the police have not yet investigated the incident’s causes. In fact, the evidences such as the burning motorcycles are still in the scene,” he said. (Sindung Sukoco/rom)

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