Victim of Police Violence Seeks for Justice



Sorong, Jubi – Albert Martinus Mnsen, victim of torture allegedly conducted by Mobile Brigade personnel on 1 January 2016, is still seeking justice.

As part of a local tradition, he joined other residents to celebrate the New Year’s Eve with dancing and flute-tamborine convoy. The event coincided with the arrival of the President Joko Widodo to Papua Barat Province to observe sago manufacture project in Sorong Selatan and local airport Dominique Eduard Ossok Airport.

There were about twenty personnel of Mobile Brigade Detachment A Manokwari crossing the road Jalan Tampa Garam, Sorong City to return to their post at Suprau while securing the president’s arrival. The road was crowded with convoy of dancers and vehicles.

At that time the victim Albert Mnsen along with his son pushed the car and a personel of Mobile Brigade came to help. But then he beat the victim’s head with his riffle butt until he collapsed.


“I was taken to the hospital once I was down,” said Alberth Mnsen to reporter in Sorong City on Sunday (27/3/2016).

After making the police report at Sorong Barat Police Station, facilitated by Mobile Brigade Detachment B Pelopor Sorong, they agreed to resolve the dispute amicably. But according to Mnsen, up to now he is still waiting for further action from the Mobile Brigade as agreed in their agreement, such as the promise for taking the victim to get medical treatment in Makassar has not yet materialized. The victim is still got pain because of a lump in his throat. Even while sleeping, he’s still in pain. “I still feel pain,” he said.

For that reason, he asked to the local police to immediately solve this problem.

Mobile Brigade B Detachment B Pelopor Sorong Commander, Police Commissionaire Eko on 8 January 2016 said Mobile Brigade made agreement with the victim’s family to solve the problem amicably and bear the cost of treatment, even if he got medical referral to Makassar.

“We have agreed with the family. Although it was done by personnel from Manokwari, but we have obligation to assist all cost of treatment,” he said. (Niko MB/rom)

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