Victims of Tolikara case while in Hospital - Jubi

Ustadz Ali Muktar Allegedly Forced to Testify in Tolikara Case

Victims of Tolikara case while in Hospital - Jubi

Victims of Tolikara case while in Hospital – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papuan Legislator from Tolikara Electoral area, Orwan Tolli Wone, criticized the trial against two GIDI young members JW and AK related to the incident occurred in Tolikara on 17 July 2015.

Wone, who’s Deputy Chairman of the Commission I of the Papua Representative Council for Politics, Government, Law and Human Rights Affairs, said he suspected there are parties who forced the Tolikara Muslim figure Ustadz Ali Muktar to testify in the trial.

“I assume there are those want to force Ustadz Ali Muktar to testify on the trial. Please stop it. Do not mess up the situation. Ustadz Ali Muktar also knew the problem is over,” said Wone on Monday (23/11/2015).

According to him, Ustadz Ali is certainly do not want to misstep. He knew if he made a mistake, people would have questioned his attitude. “Finally he tried to escape. He is an ustadz (religious teacher), so he won’t do a mistake,” he said.


Further Wone asked the law enforcement in particular the prosecutor to terminate the legal process against JW and AK. He said do not let the situation arising clash among people, while now people in Tolikara are now living in harmony, secured and peaceful. He said stop to play a scenario to charge both suspects with lawsuits. “It’s not too complicated issue. GIDI and Muslim in Tolikara have agreed to reconcile. The local government has been built Mushola (small mosque) and stalls that were burned in the incident. But certain parties want the case taken to the court. I assume there is a political interest behind it,” he said.

He said now the public emphasizes the law enforcement in this case that the law was not executed according to the principle of justice. 11 people were shot and one was died but it has never been investigated.

“They are also Indonesian citizens, are they? But why did it get less attention from the Military Commander, Papua Police Chief and other officials to investigate it. It’s a failure of law enforcement in Papua.  Do not because of law it triggers a friction in the community.  “Because if the trial against both suspects still continue, people would think they are discriminated, especially the shooting victims families,” he added.

Earlier, the trial of Tolikara incident on Tuesday (17/11/2015) was suspended to Thursday (19/11/2015) due to the absence of witnesses including Ustadz Ali Muhktar who was in Java for the family reason. When contacted by Jubi,

Ali Muktar said he would like to come if he was asked to. However, right now he cannot leave his wife who currently under medical treatment. “Yes, if I was asked I will go there (Jayapura), but currently my wife must get a therapy, so I must accompany her,” he said by phone at that time.

According to him he expected the interfaith communities in Tolikara could live peacefully as previous. Related to the request to withdraw his report and release the two young men, he said he also should ask the opinion from other Muslim community in Tolikara. “I really understand if these young men were still in custody, people in Tolikara must feel uncomforted. I want them to be released, their legal process to be terminated, but also must think the Muslim communities in Tolikara. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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