US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert O. Blake - Jubi

US Ambassador’s Visit to Papua Should Contribute to Conflict Resolution

US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert O. Blake - Jubi

US Ambassador to Indonesia, Robert O. Blake – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua legislator Rube Magai a visit by US ambassador to Indonesia Robert Blake to Papua should not only involvr sight-seeing but also focus on resolving the conflict.

He said the United States should not only think about its own interests, but also participate in pushing for an end to the conflict in Papua.

Moreover Papua has three trum cards as reasons to seek independence: Freeport’s contract, human rights violations since 1963 to present and the political status of Papua that has been scrutinized by the international community, in particular Pacific countries.

“Those three things have close links with Papua’s history that has not been resolved until now. The ambassador should not only come to visit, but also to participate in solving problems in Papua. During the time those who played the game in Papua are the United States and Indonesia for the sake of investment and potencies of natural resources in Papua,” Magai told Jubi on Monday (18/1/2016).


Related to Freeport’s issue, according to him, the company signed its first contract with Indonesia in 1967 or before Papua integrated with Indonesia in 1969, but never involved the indigenous Papua as landowners. About human rights violations in Papua, he said, it was occurred since 1963 to present and the Indonesian Government has not resolved it.

“The third problem is Papua’s political status. Until now its political status continues to discuss in every meeting of Pacific countries, such as in MSG and Pacific Forum Island (PIF). In MSG, Papua is currently obtained status as observer. Papuan issues have not only taken to regional level but also to international level and even to the United Nations,” he said.

He said it is now depending on the US to react on Papua, whether they would detain their ego for the sake of investment, that is the Freeport to continue sacrifice the indigenous Papua or they have a political action to push the resolution of many problems in Papua.

During the time, he added, the United States saw the Freeport as big investment; while the indigenous Papua are becoming victims and the Indonesian Government is being ignorant.

“These three issues are Papua’s ace cards. Though the Indonesian Government was silent, the politic in Papua is still running. The Central Government should immediately solve the human rights violations that were occurred since 1963 to present. Then about Freeport’s Contract of Work, it is the crime of the United States and Indonesia. The investment problem should be solved separately according to the issues. Do not blend it or politicized,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief Representative of Human Right Commission Papua Region, Frits Ramandey stated he would run a dialog with the Ambassador of the United States for Indonesia, Robert Blake Jr. He though the ambassador would question about human rights agendas.

“Clearly the Human Right Commission has an interest to clarify about human rights cases, but also ask for some sort enforcement (intervention) from the US Ambassador for Indonesia towards several cases handled by the Human Rights Commission that have not been resolved,” said Ramandey. (Arjuna Pademme/rom)

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