Maldives's New Radiant FC (


Maldives's New Radiant FC (

Maldives’s New Radiant FC (

Jayapura, 1/3 (Jubi)- Persipura just earned a perfect score of three points at the first home games in the AFC Cup after defeating Churchill Brothers 2-0. Currently, Persipura under Jacksen F Tiago coach is on the first position of Group E AFC Cup. Furthermore, Boaz T Solossa and his friends face the champions Home United (Singapore), and New Radiant, nicknamed the Blues team from Maldives which  is the Premier League champions in the State of the Maldives

In the 2013 AFC Cup season, the Blues from Maldives went through to the last eight AFC Cup the Blues from Maldives. In 2005, this club had entered the semi-finals and while in the 2012-2013 season, it is qualified for the quarter-finals of the AFC Cup  and are already six times New Radiant following the AFC.
The Blues also ever defeted Persibo Bojonegoro with score 7-0.

In New Radiant club website has warned his players to be ready to face the team of the ‘Black Pearl’ Persipura since Persipura ever went through to the quarter-finals and lost on aggregate goals of Arbyl FC 3-1.

Imran Mohamed, the number one goalkeeper in the Maldives will be acting as captain of New Radiant. He has just extended his contract for the upcoming season as the main goalkeeper.


In the meantime, the Churchil Brotherhood is now on the third place and disqualified after defeated by Persipura 2-0 and Semen Padang 3-1.

Persipura coach Jacksen F Tiago ever played at club Home United for one season in 2001. “It is interesting we are grouped with the club Home United, because I ever played at this club.  I was in the club when the team was  coached by former couch Arema Malang Robert Rene, ” he stated in the short text message to on Saturday (1/3).

I do not mean to underestimate Churchill Brothers and Home United in the group stage, but the achievements of New Radiant of Maldives should be wary. Mental maturity and coaches are qualified to make the Blues from Maldives as a tough opponent, he said.

Club of the Maldives has just beat the visitors from Singapore, Home United with the score 1-0. This goal was earned from the white point, even the captain of the New Radiant was able to save his goal from a penalty kick Home United.

“First of all I would like to congratulate the team of the Maldives. Actually the Maldives players played very well and they were  very good in the field. I was very surprised because this is the first time that I saw a team from Maldives to play, “said Home United coach Lee Lim-Saeng in the official website of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) said on Saturday (1/3).

While New Radiant couch, former Real Madrid defender, Perez Garcia claimed the match against Home United was very difficult and the opponent is the best team in Singapore.

” Actually we had many chances and could score five or six goals, yet the performance of Home United players was very good and I am very happy with it. The most important thing was to read the game field and maintain concentration throughout the game as well as we did, “Garcia said.

He also stated that he has just replaced Velizar Popov since November 2013.

Persipura will play against Perseru on March 6 and after that, Boaz and his friends will fly to Singapore for their first away match against Home United on March 11. (Jubi / Dominggoes  Mampioper/ Tina )

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