A young boy killed were killed by unidentified person at Dogiyai regency - Jubi

Unidentified Security Force Members Are Responsible in Dogiyai Shooting Incident, Says Paniai Customary Council Authority

A young boy killed were killed by unidentified person at Dogiyai regency - Jubi

A young boy killed were killed by unidentified person at Dogiyai regency – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Papua Regional Customary Council Authority of Paniai Region said the perpetrators of an armed attack on 10 tboys at Kotubado, Ugapuga of Kamuu Timur Sub-district, Dogiyai Regency (25/6) were not civilians. but members of security forces who came to the scene by car. They are allegedly from Waghete Post.

Paniai Customary Council Chief John R. Gobay said the shooting took place on 25 June at 18:30 Papua time.

He told Jubi on Tuesday (30/6) that the victims brought a dog for hunting rats near the farm’s fence by Nabire-Paniai Road. After getting ten grass-rats, the boys went home. When they arrived at Kotubado, their dog ran to the road and was hit by a high-speed truck. After crashing the dog, the unidentified driver raised sped towards Tigi, Deiyai Regency.

For this reason, they decided to block the road at Kotubado, Ugapuga of Kamuu Timur Sub-district to collect some cash.


“They blocked Papua Trans Road, Nabire – Enarotali at 20:00 where located at Kotubado, Ugapuga Village, Kamuu Timur Sub-district, Dogiyai Regency. They asked for Rp 20.000 to Rp 50.000 per car. They were able to collect some cash from six cars because trucks rarely passed the road at night,” said Gobay.

He further said there is allegation those who felt being impaired made a report to the police officers of Tigi Waghete or District Military Command or Mobile Brigade. Whether it was one of car’s drivers, truck’s driver or officer who drove one of six cars who reported to the security forces. The security forces allegedly came to the scene after accepting the report with a black Avanza car. They stopped the car on location in front of the young men who blocked the road. One of the victims, Yoteni Agapa had no fear and stood by the left car’s door while Melianus Mote stood by the right car’s door. The victims said both driver and passengers in the care were non-Papuans and brought the weapon. “They took the gun out of the car and shot us,” said a witness who declined to be named.

An officer shot Yoteni Agapa who stood beside the left car’s door on the chest twice. He tried to escape by running to Iyadimii Mountain but the shooter didn’t let him go. He shot him for the third and fourth times on his right hand. Agapa kept pushing himself to run for about 20 meters from the scene but he fell in the middle of the road.

The witness said the security forces ran towards Agapa. “They surrounded Yoteni. They kicked the body. They also hit him with their riffle even he was already dead. Then they stabbed him with a bayonet on the chest that hit by bullet. It makes the hole made by gunshot become larger,” said Gobay.

Perhaps they did it to hide the gunshot wound on the chest. But it didn’t work because the shells of bullet were found scattering at the scene. Gobay said Yoteni fell down at approximately 20 meters from the previous scene.
“It could be true, if referring to the report published in Harian Bintang Papua, Page 1 on Monday, 29 June 2015, it was said the team found 37 bullets of caliber 5.56 on location.”Gobay added.

He said when Agapa was shot, Melianus Mote stood besides the driver’s side door. He ran to escape when he saw his friend got shot but he felt something hit his right hand. Soon he felt his right hand was burning and wet. He realized he was stabbed by bayonet. Mote thought it was the driver who stabbed him.

Meanwhile other eight boys made to escape. Some jumped to the river, some ran to the road until Ugapuga. The survivals thought the perpetrators were security forces. “It wasn’t unknown people who shot us but the Mobile Brigade officers from Waghete. They shot us the indigenous Papuans. The entire officers are non-Papuans including the one who shot Yotene Agapa down on the scene,” Gobay cited the victims.

Gobay further said at 22:30 Papua time, Ugapuga residents who got information about the incident, came to the location to evacuate the Yoteni’s body and find the evidences. They found the bullet with pin code PT. PINDAD 556. When examining the victim’s body, they found a gunshot on the chest and hand. They grabbed his hand and found a bump.

“The residents cut off his hand and took out two bullets of his right hand. At 24:00 Papua time, Yoteni Agapa’s body was evacuated to his home village at Jigiuji, Ugapuga Village”.

The victims are Yoteni Agapa (19) a 9th grade student of SMP Boduda at Kamuu Timur Sub-district, Dogiyai Regency, Papua and Melianus Mote (21) newly graduated student of SMP Boduda. While another victims who allegedly injured are Podepai Agapa (14), Yulius Agapa (17), Yunias Agapa (16), Feri Goo (15), Neles Douw and Menki Agapa, Leo Agapa, Eratinus Agapa.

Although the perpetrators could not identified yet, but based on the chronological story and the witness, John Gobay from Paniai Customary Council, Peneas Lokbere from United for Truth (BUK), and Olga Hamadi from KontraS Papua made joint statement,” At first, based on the information we received, there are allegation that the security forces were the perpetrators in the shooting incident in Ugapuga instead of unidentified persons due to the shell of bullets found on the scene.

Secondly, the Papua Police Chief and Regional Military Commander to immediately clarify who’s the bullet’s shells’ owner and the bullets with code number PT.PIN 556 and other 37 bullet shells that were founded on the scene.

And third, based on several cases occurred in Meepago region that indicating the involvement of security forces who are still acting very repressive in facing Papuans, so we asked the police and military to pull the Mobile Brigade Unit and Special Military Team from Meepago region. (Mawel Benny/rom)

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