Unemployment rate in Sorong is quite high



Sorong, Jubi – Unemployment in Sorong City, West Papua Province, up to August 2017 has recorded reach 2,700 people. The amount is quite high and local governments are committed to make it lower by increasing training for job seekers.

Head of Department of Labor, Anton Sagrim, in Sorong, Friday (September 22), said since January it has issued 2,700 sheets of yellow cards for job seekers in Sorong City.

He said the yellow cards issued are 366 elementary school graduates, 143 from junior high school, senior high as many as 1026, 630 people from vocational school, 207 diploma and 429 people university graduated.

According to him, the opportunity to find employment in government agencies, state enterprises and local business entities are very limited, while opportunity to get a job in the private sector is huge.


He said that Kota Sorong is a service city. Most job opportunities in Sorong are at the micro small and medium enterprises that amounted to thousands.

“However, the interest of job seekers especially for native Papuan to work in the private sector is very minimal,” he said.

It is said, indigenous Papuan tend to become civil servants (PNS) so that unemployment in Sorong City continues to grow from year to year.

The government has sought to provide understanding to indigenous Papuan not to expect to be accepted as CPNS (civil servants applicant), but to seek employment opportunities in the private sector.

“But still, the desire of indigenous Papuan to work in private sector are low, most of them dream of becoming civil state apparatus,” he said. (*)

Source: Antara

Editor: Zely Ariane

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