Uncen Students Qualified, Says Dean of Engineering Faculty

Head office of University of Cenderawasih - Suplied

Head office of University of Cenderawasih – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – All students and graduates of the University of Cenderawasih are competent, Faculty of Engineering dean Apolo Safanpo said.

He made the statement before hundreds of students who held a peace protest in front of the university’s gate in Waena on last week to question the illegal tuition fee charged to the students who apply for job training, final exam and so on.
“They never came to the class. How could they come to study if this campus is often blocked? Please listen, the Second Rector Assistant and I are standing here. We stand up for our students to whom said my students are not qualified. My students are capable to compete with the students of other universities,” told Safanpo rousing applause from his students.

So, it is wrong if saying the University of Cenderawasih is nothing, he said.
“The University of Cenderawasih is the first and the largest university stands in Papua. Thus he asked the students to not listen and say that the University of Cenderawasih is not competent,” he said.

Related to the illegal charges especially occurred in his faculty, he admitted to be visited by the students’ parents. But it has been solved. “I said to the parents to wait, I would call the lecture.


When I asked the lecture about the charges, he said in front of us that it was the students’ demand. They wanted to be graduated next month, but they have not passed some courses. In order to accelerate the process, the lecture asked them to pay Rp 50 thousand per course, and Rp 150 thousand for three courses,” he said.

He added he already reported this case to the rector and it was solved, because it was the students’ fault.

Meanwhile the Coordinator of Unite Uncen Student Coalition, Musa Mudestus said the students held a protest to question the campus authority for the statement the students of class 2012 would not charged for any fees.
“The former Third Rector Assistant Paulus Homer and the former rector, the late Karel Sesa stated on 15 October that the students of class 2012 would not be charged during applying the job training, internship, thesis proposal, thesis seminar and final assessment,” he said.

But the fact is the illegal charges still happening. He also asked the Dean of Politic and Social Faculty of the University of Cenderawasih to account their promise as soon as possible. “We also asked the campus authority to immediately stop the single tuition fee until 2015,” he said. (Abeth You/rom)

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