Director of postgraduate program Prof. DR. Drs. Silo Akbar, MS (right) (Jubi)


Director of postgraduate program Prof. DR. Drs. Silo Akbar, MS (right) (Jubi)

Director of postgraduate program Prof. DR. Drs. Silo Akbar, MS (right) (Jubi)

Jayapura, 28/2 (Jubi) – Graduate school at Cenderawasih University ( Uncen) will hold an international seminar titled “Faces of Science, Technology and the Arts in the Dynamic Nation will strengthen the commitment of New Papua through Local Wisdom” on March 3, 2014. The seminar will also celebrate the 4th anniversary of Graduate school at Uncen.

Director of postgraduate program Prof. Dr. Akbar Silo, said, an international seminar will invite a number of experts, intellectuals , and practitioners. He added, some academicians wondered about the existence of Papuans’ experts, intellectuals and practitioners who said that they have normative values to solve problems in Papua.

“The questions are where are the Papuans’ scientists and practitioners in contributing on technology and arts for Papuans People ? And why its deterioration is still ongoing ? “Akbar stated to reporters in his press conference at Uncen Graduate hall in Jayapura on Thursday ( 27/2).

He explained, this forum will invite local and international experts as well as practitioners. Two international speakers are Prof. Sundramoorthy Pathmanathan, Ph.D. and Prof.. Rivani Bustami, from the School of Social Sciencies, University Sains Malaysia, from Malaysia.


He added, it  would be very interesting to learn their point of views in mapping Indonesia and Papua and the use of local knowledge in solving the problem in Papua and Indonesia.

” Another important thing is to embrace the authorities, policy makers. political elite and indigenous Papuan leaders through this forum,” he said.

At the same place, the chairman of the committee Apner Krey said, the preparation has reached 75 percent and still work until the event.
“The results of the seminar later, will be carried out by authorities or the policy makers so that these results can give a real contribution to solve the problem in Papua and raise diginiy of the people of Papua in the international community as well,” he said on Thisrday (27/2)

The following is a seminar presenter and topic agenda :

1. Bambang Widjoyanto,  The Corruption Eradication Commission of Indonesia : Building an Accountable Legal State, Free from Corruption
2. Yorrys Raweyai, the House of Representatives of Commission I : Managing Public Aspirations in the Democratic Constellation
3. Deputy Minister of PAN Prof.. DR. Eko Prasojo, Mag. Rer. Publ : An Increase of Regional Bureaucratic Capacity in order to strengthen Local Autonomy
4. Deputy Governor of Papua Province, Klemen Tinal, SE, MM : The Role of Scholars in Managing Natural Resources for New Papua Era.
5. Prof. Sundramoorthy Pathmanathan, Ph.D. and Prof. Rivani Bustami,  the School of Social Sciencies, University Sains Malaysia : Multiculturalism and Social Development Models in Southeast Asia
6. Jos Mansoben, MA, Ph.D and Drs Jack Morin, Kes : Development in the Special Autonomy Based on Local Wisdom in Papua
7. Muhammad Nurdin Fadhi , Ph.D a visiting lecturer at School of Social Sciences, University Sains Malaysia And Lecture at Padjadjaran University
8. Dr. Hendrik Krisifu, MA and Frans Reumi, SH, MA : Indigenous Knowledge and Customary Law in the era of globalization by and Frans Reumi, SH, MA
9. The keynote speaker is Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/ Tina)

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