Two Soldiers to Face Trial Court over Shooting of Civilians


Merauke, Jubi – Last week, Merauke Military Commander Brigadier General Supartodi said  soldiers involved in the shooting incident that killed two civilians at Mopah Airport would be prosecuted.

Military investigators are collecting information from related parties including the Mopah Airport Director Rajoki Aritonang and Merauke Airport Authority Chairul Batubara.

The legal process would continue after an investigation into two airport officials has been completed.

“It is necessary to have witnesses after the shooting of two civilians,” he said. The two soldiers will stand their trial in Jayapura. Since one of two officers is lieutenant, according to the law Cenderawasih Regional Military Command must handle them.

Currently they are in military’s custody and waiting for further legal process. “Yes, for more details, please ask the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command who handle their case,” he said.


When asked about the victim Sugiono whom being treated in a hospital in Jakarta, the commander said he was already leaving the hospital.

“We are grateful because Sugiono can be saved and now able to communicate well and smoothly. He also has no eating problem. Everything is fine. But he must continue his therapy until he’s completely recovered,” he said.

This last incident has become a lesson for military officer who’s on duty at Mopah Airport. Next time the officers should be more careful while checking the gun. Meanwhile the Merauke Regent Romanus Mbraka added the local government also provided help to facilitate the victim and his family to get better treatment in Jakarta some time ago. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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