Police office in South Sorong (Jubi)


Police office in South Sorong (Jubi)

Police office in South Sorong (Jubi)

Sorsel, 12/5 (Jubi) – The father of a Soresel resident who was attacked by two police officers has made a police report.

Muhammad Rafid’s father, Hj. Muhadi reported the case to the Sorsel Police on Wednesday (7/5) soon after the incident.
“I report this case to the police. I want it will process according to the law, because I got information that they often beat ojek (motorcycle taxi) drivers like they did to my son,” Muhadi told reporters at his resident in Wermith on Thursday night (8/5).

The incident started when the victim crossed at the Traffic Police Station at Wernas without wearing a helmet. When an officer warned him, he turned his motorcycle to Terminal Kajase to pick up a helmet. But two officers chased him, accusing of disobeying the police. The officers then hit Rafid’s face several times, leaving him bruided.

An eyewitness, Muhammad Yusuf, also confirmed the incident. He said he saw the two officers hit the victim and they just stopped after he was telling them that the victim was Hj. Muhadi’s son.


Sorsel Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alexander Low he has received the report.
“I was in Maybrat when the incident happened, but I already asked the Deputy Police Chief to question and arrest the two officers,” he said.

Low said the officers would be charged with battery.
“The two traffic officers have already been detained at the military police detention facility and they would face the legal process,” he said. (Jubi/Nees Makuba/rom)

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