Moses Kilangin Airport at Timika (Jubi)


Moses Kilangin Airport at Timika (Jubi)

Moses Kilangin Airport at Timika (Jubi)

Jayapura, 24/2 (Jubi) – Two police officers have been arrested at the Mimika airport for allegedly bringing a high concentration liquid, police said.

Papua Police Spokesman Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said the officers were arrested on Sunday night (23/2) and were still being questioned.
“They didn’t have any cables, but tried to bring high concentration liquid in old pipes. They probably thought there is still a liquid concentrate in there so they took the pipes,” said Hartono on Monday (24/2).

He said the officers were arrested at the airport security check, and now the case was being handled by the Mimika Police.
“We don’t have their names. We just know that one of them is the member of Mimika Police and the other is an assigned officer. We have no further information about them,” he said.

Meanwhile the Head of Mimika Police, AKBP Jermias Rontini denied that his member was being investigated in the case.
“They are not the members of Brimob Detasemen B but the members of Satgas Detasemen C BKO from Sorong. Currently they are being questioned by Provost Brimob Detasement B Mimika,” Rontini told by phone on Monday (24/2).


“They have a provost department and have the authority to investigate the two officers. So far there is no evidence. They were bcaught because they entered the airport area,” he added. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/rom)

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