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Papuan students during a peace demonstration in Malang. – Jubi/Dok AMP

‘The case is manipulated’: Two Papuan students detained in Jakarta Police


West Papua No. 1 News Portal | Jubi


Jakarta, Jubi – The lawyer of Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) in Greater Jakarta, Michael Himan, said two Papuan students, Kelvin Molama and Roland Levy, had been arrested and detained at the Jakarta Police for allegedly physically assaulting a man named Rajid Patiray.


Himan said the Jakarta Police accused both of assaulting Patiray after the Papuan students protested against the Special Autonomy status in front of the House of Representatives in Jakarta on Jan. 27, 2021.



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Levy was the coordinator of the protest, Himan said.


“They were arrested in each of their [residence] on [March 3]. Roland was arrested at 4 am, while Kelvin was at 6 am. We believed the police manipulated the case,” said Himan as quoted by on March 4.


Himan said the clients denied assaulting Patiray. Both knew Patiray’s name because he several times distributed posters or information to the press, claiming it was on behalf of the AMP. But Papuan students and activists said they did not know Patiray, Himan said.


Both students said they felt Patiray action was harming AMP.


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Himan said the police questioned his two clients from the early hours of Wednesday until Thursday dawn at 3:12 am Jakarta time.


Himan said his clients refused to sign the dossier because they insisted the arrest was not according to the procedure. Himan said the police did not show his clients any warrant and did not mention the charges during the arrest. Later the police told Himan they were violating article 170 and 365 of the Criminal Code on violence and battery.


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