Papuan children (Jubi)


Papuan children (Jubi)

Papuan children (Jubi)

Deiyai, 2/18 (Jubi) – Two other elementary schools are joining four schools to be on the brink of closure in Deayai regency.

A school in Ayatei village and  YPPGI Primary School in Abega village may stop operating soon because of a lack of students and teachers, with only the principals on staff.
Previously reported that four schools in the regency face closure because of chronic teacher abseteeism.

Otias Edowai, a community member at Kampung Tenedagi, Regency Deyai said Monday (2/17) that he monitors the work of the Department of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (DIKBUDPORA), reviews monthly reports and school operational funds (BOS).
“I myself am confused, there is always a monthly report but the learning process is not running,” Edowai said.

Related agencies should be critical in observing and supervising the development of education in their respective villages by visiting the schools.
“Church organizations, community leaders and youth leaders should participate in keeping an eye and giving constructive feedback on education, and not rely on the local governments or  the related department, “he stressed.


Natalis Adii, Secretary of the Department of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (Dikbudpora) told that Dikbudpora is collecting data of those abandoned schools and will immediately take steps based on data collected.
“At the moment, we are gathering data. As soon as we are doe, we will start to analyze and visit the schools,” Natalis said.

He further said, many schools have been built but lacked facilities.
“That is fine if you want to pursue infrastructure. Yet, the most important is how to provide essential facilities in order to produce good quality human resources in the area,” he added.

The head of the Department of DIKBUDPORA was not available for comment. (Jubi / HOM, Tina)

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