Two members of the Indonesia’s army reportedly injured in Puncak Jaya



Jayapura 18/1 ( Jubi ) – Again, the shooting occurred in Puncak Jaya regency. Now, the shooting occurred in Kota Lama, Mulia, precisely at the Army Post . The shooting alleged committed by Civilian Armed groups that resulted in two members of the army personnel reportedly injured .

From the data gathered by, shooting happened at the night, approximately at 18:50 (local time), on Saturday ( 18/1 ), precisely in the District Military Command, Post Kompas intelligence unit 1714/PJ Kota Lama, Mulia , Puncak Jaya regency. The shooting alleged committed by Civilian Armed groups resulted two victims from Indonesia Army, Sergeant Laowe got shot on his left hand and a soldier named Adi hit by bullet on his shoulder.

These two victims have been evacuated to the Regional General Hospital (Hospital ) of Mulia, Puncak Jaya in a state of unconsciousness .

A police in Mulia, Puncak Jaya had confirmed this incidents.
“The information is like that, we still standby at the police station,” said this police to the media, Saturday ( 18/1 ) .


Meanwhile , Head of the Public Relation of Papua Police, AKBP Sulistyo Pudjo, refused to be commented and requested journalist to confirm this incidents to Head of  Information of Kodam XVII Cenderawasih.
“Don’t ask me, ask Kapendam , ” said Pudjo through his cell phone on Saturday (18/1).

To reinforce this information, Jubi trying to contact the Head of Information of Cenderawasih XVII military command, Colonel Infantry Lismer Siantar Lumban , but his cell phone is off and could not be contacted .

It is not yet known whether the shooter was the member of National Liberation Army / Free Papua Movement ( TPN / OPM ) or other groups such as the Civilian Armed who seized weapons some time ago, called by the police chief of Puncak Jaya , AKBP . Aarhus as a maintained group.

Previously , other Civilian Armed groups have shot dead a civilian, named Muhammad Halil on Tuesday ( 07 / 01 ) morning at Wuyuneri village, Mulia district, Puncak Jaya regency. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Victor Mambor)

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