Tamer Bomb Unit (Jibom) of Papua Police (Jubi)


Tamer Bomb Unit (Jibom) of Papua Police (Jubi)

Tamer Bomb Unit (Jibom) of Papua Police (Jubi)

Jayapura 15 / 01 ( Jubi ) – Two mortars were active in the yard of lubricant shop-house agent ( kios agen), red light junction Jalan Sulawesi, Dok V Atas, Lumba – Lumba, Jayapura, surprising a number of people and pedestrians in that area .

The mortars were found around 16:00 ( local time). The length of rusty, active mortars are about one-half inch of adult human hand , or about 15 cm. It is certainly that these mortars are remnants of World War II .
According to the witnesses , Yongki Kobandaha explained that the active mortars were first found when he was working on the car park of the lubricant tank owned by PT. Sandita Salsabila on jalan Sulawesi Dok V Atas , Distrik Jayapura Utara on Wednesday Morning ( 15/1 ). When digging up soils with four of his friends, the shovels used by Egi touched coated solid brass .
” I dig up the soils with 4 of my friends for the car park , suddenly the shovel used by my friend touch a solid object at a depth of approximately 30 centimeters. ” said Egi, Wednesday ( 15 / 01 ) .
He and his four friends were panic because the two solids have an unnatural weight. So, they directly reported to the police at Patmor post in Lumba – Lumba, Dok V Atas.
” Due to heavy goods, definitely we are panic. Even more, when scrubbed it emerged yellowish . So we report the police at Patmor post at Lumba – Lumba.” he said .
Head of Tamer Bomb Unit (Jibom), Brimob Papua, Ipda Rohman accompanied by Kasat Sabara Polresta, AKP.E . Suderajat concluded  that the objects are projectile type of Japanese-made used to shoot the plane in the era of World War II . ” These are type 2 -projectiles commonly used to shoot the plane.”Said Rohman, on Wednesday( 15/01).
Head of Public Relations of Papua Police, Police Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said that the discovery of the remains of war are often found, like these two mortars . We should pay attention that these mortars seems like not active but it is not true because in general these mortars are still active.
” Often the people want to take the contents of mortars by using saws so that they become victims. ” said Pudjo . (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/Tina)

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