Bodies of Trigana's Crash victim while evacuated to Jayapura - Jubi

Trigana Plane Crash: 42 Victims Not Yet Receive Insurance

 Bodies of Trigana's Crash victim while evacuated to Jayapura - Jubi

Bodies of Trigana’s Crash victim while evacuated to Jayapura – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – Only twelve beneficiaries have received insurance payouts following the Trigana plane crash at Pegunungan Bintang area last month (16/8/2015), Trigana Air Service Manager for Papua Area, Bustomi Eka Prayitno said.

“Completion of administrative documents by beneficiaries is our main problem to disburse the payment of claims. Moreover, we insure all the risks to the foreign insurance company in Singapore, which is very detail in the administration. Off course their representative will also come to see the process of payment,” he told reporters at Bhayangkara Hospital on this week in Jayapura.

According to him, actually the requirement for claim payment is simple. The beneficiaries could only enclose one of requirement documents such as family card, identity card, marriage certificate or other certificates, which could indicate the relationship of the beneficiaries and the victims. “At least they have an official letter from the local authority such as Sub-District Chief to certify them as beneficiaries,” said Bustomi.

Regarding to the total of insurance claim, Bustomi said each beneficiaries would receive amount of IDR 1.270 billion, which is not including the insurance claim from Jasa Raharja (State Travel Insurance Company). So, he appealed to the victims’ family who have more than one beneficiaries, for instance the victim had two wives, the family must solve their problem internally. “Insurance company will refer to the valid information in paying the claim,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Papua Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw expected the victims’ family to complete the required documents to simplify the payment of claim. “Everyone has the same right for the claim. We hope they could come bringing the required documents. We understand that they are still in mourning, moreover there were passengers who were not listed in the manifest,” he said to the victims’ family at Bhayangkara Hospital, Jayapura. (Roy Ratumakin/rom)

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